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Wright, Patri
Patri Wright has been shortlisted for the 2015 Bridport Prize, and poems from his pamphlet Nullaby have been published in several magazines, including Agenda, Allegro, Brittle Star and London Grip. He is a Lecturer at The Open University and teaches Creative Writing.
Wright, Wendeline
I am a book critic who knits during her children's nap times and writes poetry while they eat dinner.
Wu, Olivia
Olivia Wu’s poems have appeared in Aberration Labyrinth, Shen Jiang Weekly, First Literary Review-East, Quail Bell Magazine, Brevitas Festival Anthology, Brownstone Poets Anthology, and Great Weather for MEDIA Anthology. She is a member of Brevitas, an invited community of poets, and a member of Poetry Society of America’s poetry workshop group. Olivia holds an EMBA from Columbia University and resides in New York City.
Wu Li, Angela
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Wuest, Charles
Charles Wuest lives in Dallas, where he is finishing a dissertation on Chaucer and Boethius. His poems have appeared in The Texas Review, Verse, The Kennesaw Review, Runes, Southword, Subtropics, and other magazines.
Wyatt, Whitney
A majority of my writing is a form of catharsis. These poems are an outlet for myself but I hope others can find some solace in them as well.
Yam, Jerrold
Jerrold will be pursuing undergraduate Law at University College London in September 2012. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Mascara Literary Review, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Quantum Poetry Magazine, Ceriph, Softblow, Singapore Memory Project, The Substation Love Letters Project and elsewhere. His debut poetry collection will be released in early 2012. He blogs at http://jerroldyam.wordpress.com/.
Yaremko, Peter
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Ybarra-Garcia, Rosemary
Short Autobiography Rosemary Ybarra-Garc?a is an educator and a life-long poet. Her work is included in the following publications: Lighthouse Point: An Anthology of Santa Cruz Writers, 1988; New to North America: Writing by Immigrants, Their Children and Grandchildren, Burning Bush Publications, Santa Cruz, CA, 1997, 2007; L?Ouverture, Atlanta, Georgia, 1994; California Quarterly: A California State Poetry Society Publication, Volume 24, No 3, 1995; House of Song, 2012, Create Space Publicat
Yeoman, Barry
Barry Yeoman was educated at Bowling Green State Univ., The Univ. of Cincinnati, and The McGregor School of Antioch Univ., in creative writing, world classics, and the humanities. He is originally from Springfield, Ohio and currently lives in London, Ohio. His work has appeared, or is forthcoming in Red Booth Review, Futures Trading, Danse Macabre, Harbinger Asylum, Red Fez, Vine Leaves, Crack the Spine, Burningword Literary Journal, Two Hawks Quarterly, Wilderness House Literary Review and ot
Yohe, John
Born in Puerto Rico, John Yohe grew up in Michigan, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He has worked as a wildland firefighter, deckhand/oiler, runner/busboy, bike messenger, wilderness ranger, and fire lookout, as well as a teacher of writing. A complete list of his publications, and poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing samples, can be found at his website: www.johnyohe.com
Yoo, Amber
Bio Amber Jillene Yoo was born and raised in the Northwest. She has been writing for about fifteen years, mostly short fiction and poetry. She has been published in the online literary journal "The Apex and the Abyss" and the E-book, Geoff Bramley's "Abstract Reflections".
Young, Barbara
I am a native of Nashville TN. One husband, no kids, two cats. From the first flush of the baby boom, I'm (sad, but true) addicted to television. I like Blues, Bluegrass, and Photoshop; write in bed; prefer Earl Grey.
Young, Jessica
Jessica Young currently holds a Zell Fellowship for poetry in Ann Arbor, MI. She completed her Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (poetry) at the University of Michigan, where she received two Hopwood awards, and her undergraduate work was at MIT. Her chapbook, "Only as a Body" won the 2010 Bateau BOOM Contest, and her Pushcart nominated work has been published most recently in Eleven Eleven, Cold Mountain Review, and Versal.
Young, Mary Alice
Mary Alice Young is an English teacher and writer in the Boston area. She is an M.F.A recipient from Lesley University and is currently working on a collection of poetry.
Young, Michael
Michael Young has published three collections of poetry, most recently, Living in the Counterpoint. His next book, The Beautiful Moment of Being Lost, will be published by Black Coffee Press in 2013. He received a Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and a William Stafford Award. He was twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize and received a Chaffin Poetry Award. He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with his wife and children.
Young, Thom
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Youngers, Dylan
Dylan Youngers is an 18 year-old currently residing in California. He is a student of Solano College studying Mathematics and Foreign Language Studies. He has been previously published in Poetry Quarterly, Three Line Poetry, and Suisun Valley Review.
Youtt, Harry
Harry Youtt is a long-time instructor in the UCLA Extension Writers' Program. His poems, fiction, and non-fiction are published in numerous venues. He's been twice-nominated for Pushcart Prizes.
Yuan, Changming
Yuan Changming published monographs on translation before leaving China. With a Canadian PhD in English, Yuan currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan and hosts Happy Yangsheng in Vancouver; credits include nine Pushcart nominations, Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17), BestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and 1,369 others across 40 countries.
Yuan, Changming
Allen Qing Yuan, a Pushcart nominee and author of Traffic Light (2013), currently attends UBC and co-publishes Poetry Pacific with his poet father-mentor Changming Yuan in Vancouver. Aged 18, Allen has had poetry appearing in more than 70 literary publications across 16 countries, including Cordite Poetry Review, Istanbul Literary Review, Literary Review of Canada, Mobius, Paris/Atlantic, Oklahoma Review, Poetry Kanto, Poetry Scotland, Shampoo, Spillway, Taj Mahal Review and Two Thirds North.
Yurcaba, Nicole
Nicole Yurcaba is a Ukrainian-American writer and internationally-recognized poet currently living and working as an English professor in West Virginia. Her love and dedication to words has propelled her into the arms of such publications as The Atlanta Review, The Bluestone Review, Philomathean, Outrageous Fortune, VoxPoetica, and many others. Yurcaba's first poetry and photography collection Backwoods and Back Words is available through Unbound Content on Amazon. Yurcaba is also the 2nd place
Zakariya, Sally
Please consider "Act Five" for possible publication.
Zedolik, John
For thirteen years I taught English and Latin in a private school. Eventually, I wrote a dissertation that focused on the pragmatic comedy of the Canterbury Tales, thereby completing my Ph.D. in English. Currently I am an adjunct instructor at a number of universities in and around Pittsburgh. However, I have had many jobs in my life including archaeological field assistant, obituary writer, and television-screen-factory worker, which—I hope—have contributed in positive ways to my writing. I have had poems published in such journals as The Alembic, Ascent Aspirations (CAN), The Bangalore Review (IND), Common Ground Review, The Journal (UK), Pulsar Poetry Webzine (UK), Third Wednesday, Transom, and in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I also have numerous poems forthcoming next year. My iPhone is now my primary poetry notebook, and I hope my use of technology in regard to this ancient art form continues to be fruitful.
Zeiner, Steffen
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Zempel, Rachel
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Zink, Rod
Dear Editor(s), Please consider the attached poems, "Requiem Therapy Session 17," "The Opening," and "Mirage" for publication in your journal and the Rebecca Lard Award. In the past, my creative writing has been published in Poetry Now, The Old Red Kimono, Brown Paper Wrapper. Currently, one of my short stories, “The March of the Leaf Cutters,” is featured in the Fall 2017 issue of Glassworks, and another story, “Shoemaker,” is featured in issue 230 of Crack the Spline. Three of my poems can be found in The Ginosko Literary Journal, Volume 20, Winter 2017/Spring 2018. My most recent scholarly work “Lending the Muse a Hand: Expanding the Role of Social Constructivism and Collaborative Writing in Creative Writing Pedagogies,” appears in the anthology, Creative Composition: Inspiration and Techniques for Writing Instruction (pp. 87-108) Multilingual Matters. Danita Berg and Lori A. May, Eds. As I have not been able
Zlotchew, Clark
This is an old-fashioned sonnet, on a unusual subject: Whiskey.

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