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Burchett, Michelle
Burfield, Tony
Tony Burfield lives in Boulder, CO and works at the public library. His collection "Canid" won the Green Fuse Press 2010 Chapbook contest.
Burk, Elizabeth
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Burkard, Doc
Doc lives in the St Paul, MN and writes folk songs.
Burke, Halle
I am an English major at Olivet College in Michigan. Writing has always been one of my passions, but only recently have I really started to delve into writing poetry. It has been such a wonderful experience working with Poetry Quarterly!
Burkholder, Keith
Keith Burkholder has been published in Creative Juices, Sol-Magazine.com, Trellis Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Journal, New Delta Review, RiverSedge, and Poetry Quarterly. I have earned a bachelor's degree in Statistics with a minor in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Buffalo.
Buschmann, Denise
Mr. Lyvers, This is a poem I wrote and worked on in 2016 and could not get it right. Imagine my surprise when I opened the file and saw that you had offered me some very good advice on an online poetry forum: Come back to it later. I did and this is the result. I hope you like it! Warmly, D.C. Buschmann
Butler, Janet
Janet Butler lives in Alameda with Fulmi, a lovely Spaniel mix she rescued while living in central Italy. "Upheaval" was one of three winning selections in Red Ochre Lit's 2012 Chapbook Contest. She recently placed second in the Baltimore Science Fiction Society's annual contest, and is moderator of the monthly Poetry and Prose at the Blue Danube in Alameda. She a member of the Frank Bette Center for the Arts.
Byrne, Andrew
I am circulation manager for After Hours literary magazine and am a frequent contributor. Thanks for reading my poem.
Byrne, Charles
Charles Byrne is a student of poetry and philosophy and lives in Illinois.
Byrne, Matthew
My poetry has appeared in The Best American Poetry 2007, and my chapbook "Silent Partner" won the 2013 Sow's Ear Chapbook prize. I received an MFA in poetry from the University of Montana in 1999, and now serve as vice president at an insurance agency in Chicago.
Caedington, Jesse
C. Q. March stayed on to live and practice law in Gainesville, Florida after collecting an assortment of degrees from the University of Florida. C. Q.'s work has appeared in the Devilfish Review and Bewildering Stories.
Calderwood, Crystalee
Crystalee Calderwood is a 2008 graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Chatham University, with a dual emphasis in Poetry and Writing for Children. Her poetry has appeared in several journals, including ?The Sigma Tau Delta Triangle,? ?The Susquehanna Review? and ?No Teeth.? Her picture book Angeline Jellybean can be ordered on Amazon.com. She is currently working on a young adult novel.
Caldwell, Jeremy
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Camp, Roger
Roger Camp has published poems in the Midwest Quarterly, The North American Review, Hiram Poetry Review (Nimrod, The Evansville Review and South Carolina Review forthcoming) as well as photographs in the New England Review, Antioch Review and the New York Quarterly. He has taught both English and/or photography at Eastern Illinois University, Columbus College of Art & Design, and the University of Iowa.
Campbell, Colin
BIO: Colin W Campbell Escaped from the day job in Scotland and now writes very-short fiction and poetry in Sarawak on the lovely green island of Borneo and faraway in Yunnan in southwest China.
Campbell, Elizabeth
I am Elizabeth Campbell. I've lived all around the globe. Currently, I live in a Valley, in a cabin, in Capay, California. I am married with three children, a student at a community college, and work at a bed and breakfast. I am an editor for the 2014 Suisun Valley Reivew. I am pursuing a career in education, because I love to teach and like summers off (to write like a madwoman). Poetry, to me, is a combination of observations, feelings, and thoughts. Hope you enjoy. *publish as e. ccampbel
Canerdy, Janice
I am a retired high-school English teacher from Potts Camp, Mississippi. I have been writing poems for decades. My poems and prose writings have appeared in several publications, including Poetry Quarterly, Wild Violet, Light Quarterly, The Road Not Taken, Lyric, Parody, Bitterroot, Society of Classical Poets Journal, Westward Quarterly, Lighten Up Online, Better Than Starbucks, Indiana Voice Journal, Saturday Evening Post, and Southern Tablet; and anthologies, including those published by the Mississippi Poetry Society, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Whispering Angel Books, and Quill Books. My first book, Expressions of Faith (Christian Faith Publishing), was published in December 2016.
Cannata, P
Cannavo, Sarah
Cannon, Amy
Amy Katherine Cannon loves poetry the way your hand loves the feel of a knife cutting through perfectly barbecued meat. Or something. She has been published in The Inkslinger, Inscape, and Crab Creek Review, among other journals. She is entering UCI for an MFA in the fall.
Cantor, Eleanor
Eleanor Cantor was born in Israel and moved to Germany in her early twenties where she completed her M.A. in English literature and philosophy. For the past 15 years, she has made her home in Berlin, where she works as a musician, performer, writer and translator.
Carber, Len
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Carber, Len
In the past few years, I have been published either under my real or pen name (Nolo Segundo) in print by Poetry Quarterly, 50 Haikus, Foxtrot Uniform, the Haiku Journal, the Adelaide Literary Magazine (also online), Three Line Poetry, and in the anthology Sometimes Anyway. I've also had poems published online by Boston Poetry Magazine, Bolts of Silk, and the Freeman Magazine.
Carleton, Sarah
Sarah Carleton writes, edits, plays the banjo and home-schools her son in Tampa, Florida. Her poems have appeared in Houseboat, Burning Word Literary Journal, Avatar Review, Poetry Quarterly, The Bijou Poetry Review, Off the Coast, Shark Reef, Wild Violet Magazine, The Binnacle and Cider Press Review. She has work upcoming in Nimrod, The Homestead Review and Chattahoochee Review.
Carnes, Tom
I am a War Poet, I have walked through the graves of Srebrenica in Bosnia, woke to explosions on Route Irish in Baghdad and lived among the Afghan Police in Kandahar. I am a husband and father, a Soldier, a Law Enforcement Officer, and a Teacher I have rode a bull, a horse and a camel. I love the ocean, the mountains, the forest and the desert and the grassy plains. I have made my share of mistakes and have the scars to remind me. I write not only about War but the West, Love and what ever comes to mind. Poetry to me is music, a melody of words.
Carpenter, Clay
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Carroll, Melissa
Melissa Carroll's chapbook The Karma Machine won the Peter Meinke Prize (YellowJacket Press, 2011); her work has appeared in The Literary Bohemian, New South Review, Blood Lotus Journal, The Splinter Generation, The Clever Title, and elsewhere. Melissa has received the Estelle J. Zbar Poetry Prize and the Kite Trick Award, and is an editor for Sweet: A Literary Confection. In 2011, Melissa was a writer in residence at Arizona's Petrified National Forest.
Carrus, Silvia
Silvia Carrus grew up in Italy where she studied social sciences at school. She has been writing since she was little, particularly poetry and prose. She wrote plays and reviews, still putting her passion for fiction first.
Carswell, A.D.
A.D. Carswell has long considered herself a writer, but has only recently stopped using garbage for paper and began writing garbage on paper. That being stated, her poetry is no longer being discarded but forwarded to the masses.
Cartmill, Mia
I was born in Boston,Massachusetts and currently live in Casco, Maine. I am primarily a writer but also an artist. I have had moderate success in both of these endeavors, but I prefer pen over paint brush and spend most of my free time writing. I am a former contributor to Poetry Quarterly (Spring 2010). My work can also be read in the Christian Science Monitor(2011), and has appeared in the Boston Globe, Pemmican, Journey Anthology, Words and Images, Boston Literary and other journals.
Carver, Marc
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Casey, Siobhan
Bio: Siobhan Casey recently completed her MFA at Chatham University and currently lives and writes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been published in Blood Orange Review, Caper Literary Review, Coal Hill Review, Rougarou, and The Monongahela Review, with upcoming publications in shadyside review and the La Patasola Female Writers Anthology (East coast edition).
Castell-Greene, Maria
I’ve been around for a long time. Mate & motherhood came early, then University schooling as RN, & big enthusiasm for words cobbled into poems. After retirement from nursing, I claimed time for instruction in poetry craft & time to practice it, along with time for grandchildren. Nineteen years later, September 2016, my chapbook, MUFFLED SONG came out from Finishing Line Press. Poems published in these journals: Avocet; Journal of General Internal Medicine; Poetry Quarterly. Writing’s still at the center with readings & workshops. Poems keep the soup of my life simmering.
Cates, Anna
Anna Cates resides in Wilmington, Ohio with her two cats, Freddie and Christine, writes. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and several other advanced degrees related to English studies, and teaches English online for several universities. She is a regular contributor to short form poetry publications.
Cates, Peter
I was published by Poetry Quarterly.
Cavazzi, Glenn
I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was 13 years old. Writing has always been a first love for me and I take great pride in my work. I've written about many different topics but my favorite is horror and suspense. My poetry is about many different topics such as love, nature, childhood, dreams, etc. Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost are among my favorites in the genre.
Chacon, Kenneth
My name is Kenneth Chac?n and I?ve been writing poetry for several years now, but have only recently started to seek the opportunity to publish. At a young age, I became a father and also became heavily involved in a gang and selling and abusing drugs. My story is not uncommon in Fresno, California. The Bulldog gang is a major seducer of Chicanos and methamphetamine is usually their drug of choice. I started writing when I was 19, at the height of my gang involvement and battle with addiction.
Chakravarty, Debjani
I am a poet and artist, and sociology is my bread and butter. I am a professor by the day and a poet/painter by the night- a secret identity I nurse like a delicious wound. I fantasize about not being a perpetual outsider, being in on all the inside jokes of/on humanity, and not being patted down every time I fly somewhere.
Champion, Anne
Anne Champion recently finished her MFA in Poetry at Emerson College. She has work previously published in The Minnetonka Review, Pank Magazine, Cold Mountain Review, The Aurorean, and elsewhere. She was also a 2009 recipient of The Academy of American Poets Prize. She currently teaches Freshman Composition at Emerson College, Pine Manor College, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and works as a poetry reader for Ploughshares literary journal.
Chan, Jon
Jon Chan is currently living in Massachusetts.
Chang, Shawn
Shawn Chang is a 16-year-old writer based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. His works have been published in The Literary Hatchet issues #14, #15, and #16; Shot Glass Journal issue #19; Black Candy: A Halloween Anthology of Horror; Ygdrasil: October 2016 issue; Poetry Quarterly #27; Under the Bed Vol. 05 No. 02; and The Australia Times Poetry Magazine. He may be reached @sad_cypr3ss.
Chapman, Rita
Rita Rouvalis Chapman teaches high school English in Webster Groves, Missouri. Recently, her poetry has appeared in Mojave River Review, the Irish anthology Fathers and what must be said , Semaphore Magazine, and Anomaly.
Chen, Carl
Carl Chen is a high school junior living in Los Angeles, California. He has always found poetry to be therapeutic. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Poetry Quarterly, Up North Lit, Skipping Stone Magazine, Argot Magazine and other journals.
Chen, Sabrina
Sabrina Chen is a high school student who has been entranced by the symmetry of both Blake?s tiger and superstring theory since the age of eleven. She is the founder of the forthcoming literary magazine Lepidopterum and her work has recently been published in The Winter Tangerine Review and Society of Classical Poets.
Cherciu, Lucia
Lucia Cherciu is a Professor of English at SUNY/Dutchess in Poughkeepsie, NY, and the author of two books of poetry in Romanian, Lepădarea de Limbă (Editura Vinea, 2009) and Altoiul R?sului (Editura Brumar, 2010). Her poetry appeared in Paterson Literary Review, Cortland Review, Connotation Press, Memoir, Connecticut Review, and elsewhere.
Cheverie, T.J.
T.J. Cheverie is an emerging Canadian artist living in Pemberton, British Columbia. T.J. won the 2012 Mayor?s Poetry Challenge in Whistler for his poem Time, and was recently published in the Garbanzo Literary Journal for his poem Binary Love Code. T.J. was also published in the January 2014 edition of BareBack Magazine for his poem Everything Changes. A lover of both the written and visual arts, T.J. hopes to make a contribution to the human story
Chilicas, Eve
I currently host an open mic night with other poets and writers, and I have loved poetry for as long as I can remember. I am continuously writing and reading, and finding ways to creatively express myself.
Chircop, Charmaine
Born in 1977,and lives on the island of Malta.
Chopson, Kevin
Kevin Marshall Chopson received his MFA from Murray State University and is a recent Pushcart Prize nominee. His work is published or forthcoming in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Big River Poetry Review, Metric Conversions: Poetry of Our Time (Romania), Poetry Salzburg Review (Austria), Nazar Look (Romania), English Journal, REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters, San Pedro River Review, I-70 Review, The Baltimore Review, The South Carolina Review, The Broad River Review, and Nashville Arts Magazine,
Christian, Nick
Christiano, Roberto
Roberto Christiano is a current Pushcart Prize nominee for poetry published in Prairie Schooner (spring 2009). His short story, The Care of Roses, won first place in fiction from The Northern Virginia Review where it is featured in the current issue. Two short plays have been produced at the Source Theatre in Washington, D.C. Other work has appeared in The Hiram Review, The Sow?s Ear, and G?vea-Brown, A Bilingual Journal of Portuguese-American Letters (published out of Brown University).
Christina, Martha
Martha Christina's short poems have appeared in Brevities, Four and Twenty, and Three Line Poetry. Her longer work has been published in Apple Valley Review, Common Ground Review, Ibbetson Street, Newport Review, The Orange Room Review, an earlier issue of Poetry Quarterly, and Red Eft Review.
Chung, Ian
Ian Chung reads English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick. His poetry has also appeared in Angelic Dynamo, Asia Writes, Indigo Rising Magazine, Milk Sugar, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Six Sentences and The Cadaverine, among others. He was nominated by Camroc Press Review for the 2010 Best of the Net anthology. He reviews for Evolve Journal, Sabotage and The Cadaverine. He also edits Eunoia Review, which features a new piece of writing daily.
Civick, Bradley
Bradley Civick is a 52-year old victim of the restaurant industry, where he toiled for many years instead of going to college. He has lived in Texas since the late-seventies, during which time he learned very little Spanish. His third wife saw a creative potential within him and suggested he return to college. He is currently finishing up his English degree at Texas State University in San Marcos where he is still struggling to learn Spanish. His work has appeared in 30 North and Persona.
Clancy, Sara
Sara Clancy a Philadelphia transplant to the Desert Southwest. Her poems have appeared in The Linnet's Wings, Dead Snakes, Crab Creek Review, The Madison Review, Shark Reef, Verse Wisconsin, Antiphon, VAYAVYA and Houseboat, where she was a featured poet. She lives in Arizona with her husband, their dog and a 23 year old goldfish named Darryl.
Clark, Aaron
Aaron Clark teaches at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, Texas and writes between semesters, when the muse floods in.
Clark, Ann
Ann Clark is an associate professor of English at the State University of New York at Jefferson and lives on a small horse farm on the NY/Canadian border.
Clark, Douglas
I am a retired nurse and US citizen living in Spain. My poem "Metamorphosis" was published in the "Triggerfish Critical Review" Issue No. 15. Short stories "Fever" and "Reentry" are slated for publication in the upcoming issues of "Falling Star" and the "Madrid Writers Club Anthology" respectively. I have a BA in English from Tufts University and a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. As a writer, I draw inspiration and content from my experien
Clingempeel, Shaina
I am a senior and an English major at the College of Charleston, with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. During the school year, I volunteer at the N. E. Early Childhood Development Center; this is a model preschool that assists young children in cognitive development with educational play. Currently, I work as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble in Florence, S.C., not only because I consider bookstores to be my personal haven, but also because I have returned to that o

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