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Poetry Quarterly hosts an annual poetry contest named after Rebecca Lard, a female poet known for submitting often, and the first known female poet in Indiana. Judging is performed using a blind reading process. Submissions are open to everyone. If you enter any contest this year, make it this one!

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Poetry Quarterly showcases the finest poetry from around the world! Our Summer 2019 issue includes world-class poetry by Joshua Allen, PJ Amendolia, Evan Anders, Kevin Andersen, Duane Anderson, KB Ballentine, Roxanne Bogart, Richard G. Bouchard, Scott Boyd, Heider Broisler, Len Carber, Jin Cordaro, Suzanne Cottrell, J.R. Dawson, Lynette Esposito, Isaac Eustice, Arvilla Fee, Michael Flanagan, Francis Flavin, Devin Guthrie, Robert Hale, Tim Heerdink, Pam Hunt, Linda Imbler, Lianne Kamp, Melissa Laussmann, Bruce Levine, Grady Manus, John McKernan, Sydney McQuoid, Bill Melton, Barbara Meyrowitz, Jennifer Montgomery, Allison Paoli, Tara Pignoli, Marilee Pritchard, Anushka Ravindran, Patrick T. Reardon, Carl Redick, Patricia Rossi, Donna Roy, David Anthony Sam, Claire Scott, Terri Simon, Wesley Sims, Jesse Thompson, Susan Thurston, John Tustin, Yuliia Vereta, Richard Weaver, Paula Weld-Cary,  and Rachel Zempel.

Rebecca Lard Award Winner 2018, David Anthony Sam!

 David Anthony Sam was born and spent his childhood in McKeesport PA, a coal and steel suburb of Pittsburgh. His home at the end of 36th Street abutted a woods, and the games he played on that street and the time he spent in those woods all influenced his poetry as well as his sense of the holistic ecology of all things. His neighborhood was filled with immigrants and children of immigrants, and his grandparents themselves came from Poland and Syria.

Five of his collections are in print: Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves (2014), Dark Land, White Light (1974, 2014), Early in the Day (2015) , Finite to Fail: Poems After Dickinson (2017) and Final Inventory (Prolific Press 2018).

His poems have appeared in over 80 journals and he was the featured writer in Light: A Journal of Photography and Poetry (2017)  and The Hurricane Review (Spring 2016) which included 36 of his poems.  Sam’s collection, A Night over Bones, received Honorable Mention in the 2016 Homebound Poetry Contest. Sam’s collection Finite to Fail: Poems After Dickinson was awarded grand prize in the 2016  GFT Press Chapbook Contest (2017).

*Rebecca Lard Award Winner 2017, Suzanne Cottrell!

Suzanne Cottrell, a member of the NC Poetry Society and NC Writers’ Network, lives with her husband and three rescue dogs in Granville County, NC.  An outdoor enthusiast and retired teacher, she enjoys reading, writing, knitting, hiking, and Pilates.  She loves nature and its sensory stimuli and particularly enjoys writing and experimenting with poetry and flash fiction.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including North Carolina’s Best Emerging Poets, Poetry Quarterly, Tanka Journal, The Avocet, The Remembered Arts Journal, Plum Tree Tavern, Burningword Literary Journal, and Naturewriting.

*Honorable mentions include Deborah L. Davitt and Lianne Kamp.


Our Poetic Mission

Poetry Quarterly’s mission is to support poets and poetry by maintaining a professional venue for education and publication. We don’t give preferential treatment to poets based on popularity or past accomplishments. We are accessible to all writers who love poetry for the sake of the form and message.

We pledge to only publish what we find most worthy. We never charge poets anything to be published, and we never demean the integrity of the form by including advertisements in our products or on our website.


Poetry Quarterly proceeds with a focus on modern poetic style (we rarely publish rhyme). We accept submissions of all subject matter, and frequently support poets through our “featured poet” showcase.

We publish beautiful issues in paperback, and e-issues for our subscribers online. We reward our poets with a free online subscription and small cash payments. We reward our readers by being highly selective and passionate about everything we print.


Guest editors are accepted periodically. Our guest editors oversee the selections of a single issue, and are responsible for soliciting a portion of the poems.

The Rebecca Lard Award is occasionally picked by a guest judge. Judging is typically performed by our editor.

We collaborate with poets to produce special features. Representative poets include Sam Cornish and Laura Kasischke.

PQ Award Winners

David Anthony Sam*** 2018
Suzanne Cottrell*** 2017
Deborah L. Davitt
Lianne Kamp
Patricia Rossi*** 2016
Scott Ruescher*** 2015
Sally Worthing
Jackie Maugh Robinson*** 2014
Emily Cole
Joan Siegel*** 2013
Catherine Harnett
Shann Ray*** 2012
Nancy Kassell*** 2011
Kelli Allen
Mary Elizabeth Parker
Samuel Hovda
Carol Munn
Susan Davis *** 2010
Mary Parker
Anthony De Gregorio
Sarah Sousa
Christopher Bursk
Sherman Pearl

*** Rebecca Lard Award Winner






2016 Rebecca Lard Award Winner:

Patricia Rossi


Patricia Rossi is a writer, freelance artist, and an attorney. Her essays and poetry have been featured in literary journals, major newspapers, and magazines including Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, Tanka Journal, Inwood Indiana, Poetry Quarterly, Dual Coast Magazine, Newsday, New Living, and South Bay. She is a regular contributor to Prolific Press.

Patricia Rossi has received two pushcart prize nominations for her poetry in 2015 and 2016, and has written and presented academic papers at major university conferences. One of her articles was selected for inclusion in the 2016 Cambridge Scholars academic publication, The 1930’s: The Reality and the Promise. Another of Patricia’s academic papers was featured in New York Magazine.

Rossi is the proud recipient of numerous NYS individual artist grants. Her funded proposals have included the creation and implementation of art appreciation and creative writing classes specifically for children and adults residing in under-served communities on Long Island, as well as writing workshops exclusively for women. Her writing workshops also extend to cancer survivors, as a therapeutic means of healing as well as grief therapy for parents who have lost a child. She volunteers weekly at Literacy Nassau, where she serves as a writing club instructor for developmentally disabled adults. She also mentors a writing program for patients at a NYC hospital.

Scott Ruescher is the author of the 2009 chapbook Sidewalk Tectonics, which took the reader on a road-trip from Abe Lincoln’s birthplace to the site of Martin Luther King Junior’s assassination in Memphis, and of a new one, Perfect Memory, published in the fall of 2015 by Finishing Line Press, that features poems set in Central Ohio, Central America, Central Square (in Cambridge, MA), and Spain. He has published poems in recent issues of Agni Online, The Tower Journal, The Hiram Poetry Review, Chautauqua, The Dalhousie Review, Boston Hassle, In My Bed, The Common Ground Review, Zymbol, The Evening Street Review, The Harvard Educational Review, and Poetry Quarterly!

Ruescher is the winner of the Erika Mumford Prize from the New England Poetry Club, in both 2013 and 2014, for poetry about travel and international culture. He administrates the Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and teaches English part-time in the Boston University Prison Education Program.


2015 Rebecca Lard Award Winner: Scott Ruescher!

Glenn Lyvers

Glenn Lyvers

Our Primary Editor

More about Glenn Lyvers….
Glenn Lyvers is an American writer and editor living in Johnstown, PA. His poetry biography can be found at Poets and Writers Magazine. Lyvers maintains a professional bio on LinkedIn. He is a firm supporter of small fledgling presses. His works have been published internationally, including works in Calliope Nerve, Camroc Press Review, Chronogram, Clockwise Cat, Contrary, Danse Macabre, East Coast Literary Review, Everyday Poets Magazine, Everyday Weirdness, Flutter Poetry Journal, Leaves of Ink, Mad Swirl, Red River Review, San Pedro River Review, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Shoots and Vines, The Blue Hour, The Houston Literary Review, The Legendary, The Stray Branch, Undertow Tanka Review, Verse-Virtual, Wilderness House Literary Review, Word Catalyst Magazine, and elsewhere.

“It is my privilege to oversee the family of Prolific Press journals, and to work with all the great poets at Poetry Quarterly. I will strive to find the best poems from anywhere in the world, regardless of the poet’s gender, religion, political viewpoints, or popularity. Poetry is for everyone, and I recognize that it’s my responsibility to put the readers first, followed closely by our writers, and then our staff. I pledge to work hard each and every day to be worthy of the trust so many put in my decisions. I’m deeply humbled and thankful to everyone at all levels.”

Glenn Lyvers