Current Free Issue #20

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Issue #20 – Featuring the Rebecca Lard Award Winner, Jackie Maugh Robinson, and Runner Up, Emily Cole!

Other fine selections of poetry by: Arthur Heifetz, Audrey Samuelson, Billy Antonio, Blaike Marshall, Brinda Buljore, C. Z. Heyward, Christopher Jarmick, Christopher Kobylinsky, Cliff Pyke, Craig Kurtz, Craig Steele, Cristine Gruber, Dan von der Embse, Emily Cole, Grady Manus, GTimothy Gordon, JA Field, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Jessica Afshar, Jim Davis, Julie Dickson, Kim Nall, Kimberly McClintock, Lowell Jaeger, Lucia Damacela, M. M. Adjarian, Malisa Garlieb, Matthew Duggan, Matthew Gellman, Michael Correia, Michaela Loewer, Mike Ambrose, Ms. Hunter Liguore, Neel Puri, Nells Wasilewski, P Cannata, Peter Leight, R. Gerry Fabian, Rebecca Valley, Richard Hartwell, Rita Rousseau, Robert Huotari, Robert King, Roslyn Ross, Scott Outlar, Simon Perchik, Timothy Pilgrim, Todd Outcalt, Ty Vossler, and Virgil Dughi.

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